84 lumber sheds

84 lumber sheds

When new telephone books arrive in the community and area about April 16, Viroqua subscribers will be using all seven digits for all their dialing. Phil Bigley, Viroqua Telephone Company Manager, said the move will be made to facilitate direct dialing to Vernon Telephone Co-op exchanges later this year. Bigley said that they are converting rural subscribers to four-party lines and for connection with toll lines.

Two large buildings on the site that were constructed in 2007 offer the company more than 58,000 square feet of storage. There are also three storage sheds on the site, each with 12,000 square feet of space.

In renewing his 66th Censor subscription, N.D. McLees remarked on how things have changed. When he first saw LaCrosse 65 years ago it was the size of Westby. He and his wife are celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary.

“After restarting the world trade division again in 2010 and hiring dedicated positions, we reconnected with past customers and government agencies. We network with customers and have done trade missions and trade shows,” he said.

A maker of personalized gift cards that allow purchasers’ photos to be featured on them, GiftCards.com has sold more than 5 million gift cards since its founding in 1999 as directcertificates.com, Chief Executive Officer Jason Wolfe said.

In addition, the company has about 25 percent of the online traffic for gift card sales, but competitors are trying to take a larger share of the online space, he said.

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